História dos Think Tanks

Linha do Tempo
  • 1916

    Institute for Government Research founded by Robert Brookings
  • 1918

    New School for Social Research founded
  • 1920

    National Bureau of Economic Research founded by Wesley Clair Mitchell
  • 1922

    Institute of Economics founded by Robert Brookings
  • 1924

    Robert Brookings Graduate School founded
  • F. A. Hayek visits the USA for the first time1923

    F. A. Hayek visits the USA for the first time
  • 1927

    Brookings Institution formed from merging of IGR, IoE, and Brookings Graduate School
  • 1927

    Hayek becomes founder-director of Austrian Institute for Business Cycle Research in Vienna
  • 1929

    start of Great Depression
  • 1931

    Hayek moves to London
  • 1932

    William Volker Fund founded
  • 1935

    Tax Foundation founded by businessmen including Lewis H. Brown
  • 1938

    Lippmann Colloquium held in Paris with Hayek and von Mises in attendance
  • 1938

    Hayek founds the short-lived Society for the Renovation of Liberalism, a prototype for the Mont Pelerin Society
  • 1942

    Harold Luhnow takes control of the William Volker Fund
  • 1943

    American Enterprise Institute founded by Lewis H. Brown
  • 1944

    Condensed version of The Road to Serfdom by Hayek published in Reader's Digest
  • 1945

    Antony Fisher and Harold Luhnow first meet Hayek
  • 1946

    Foundation for Economic Education founded by Leonard Read with William Volker Fund money
  • 1947

    Mont Pelerin Society founded by Hayek; Americans attend with aid of William Volker Fund
  • 1952

    Antony Fisher visits Foundation for Economic Education
  • 1955

    nstitute of Economic Affairs established by Antony Fisher
  • 1961

    Institute for Humane Studies founded by F. A. Harper
  • 1963

    Hudson Institute founded
  • 1968

    Reason Magazine started as a student publication
  • 1972

    George Mason University separates from University of Virginia
  • 1973

    University of Buckingham founded, conceived at Institute of Economic Affairs