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26 de maio de 2023

The Most Transparent and Governed Brazilian Think Tanks

Last year we published here the first directory of Brazilian Think Tanks tabulated by Brazilians. Since 2008, the […]
16 de maio de 2023

A Methodology for Think Tanks, Theory of Change

“Theory of Change” is a methodology used in the planning, implementation and evaluation of social change programs and […]
2 de maio de 2023

No One Knows What Think Tanks Are

Only half of the UK and US public know what a think tank is (52%) or does (47%). […]
13 de março de 2023

How to Circumvent the Spending Cap and Implement Public Policies

Without a doubt, the Think Tank sector will be affected by an issue that is back on the […]
15 de fevereiro de 2023

Wealthy Families Losing Social Status

In Brazil, we are witnessing a transition from capitalism, from a company in which the whole family worked, […]
11 de fevereiro de 2023

Think Tanks: Where to Start

Brazil currently has so many problems that one of the issues that Think Tanks could solve is to […]
26 de janeiro de 2023

How to Get Out of Donors Involved in Financial Fraud

The scandal of fraud in Americanas’ financial statements will again put on the discussion table the convenience or […]
21 de janeiro de 2023

Think Tanks and the Freedom to Criticize

We live in a unique moment to show Brazilian society that we, the Think Tanks, are the appropriate […]
21 de janeiro de 2023

Technology Solutions to Improve Income Distribution

We asked the following question to the ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence tool, from the company OpenAI: How to improve […]
21 de janeiro de 2023

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Think Tanks

2023 will be known for the introduction of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool capable of dialoguing and answering […]
16 de janeiro de 2023

2023 Challenges and Opportunities

The election campaign brought polarization even among Think Tanks. Typically, Advocacy activity has increased, to the detriment of […]
13 de janeiro de 2023

Think Tanks as “Safe Places”

The polarization of Brazilian society has reached its limit and we need to reflect on it. Firstly, Brazil […]
11 de janeiro de 2023

Think Tanks and the Press Crisis

The number of people who rely on the media to stay informed has dropped from 80% to 36%, […]
2 de março de 2022

The Functions of a Think Tank

Normally, a strong Think Tank has 20 resident or part-time researchers, has a board of notables, closely monitors […]
13 de dezembro de 2021

Politics is the Failure of Science

Those who are disgusted by politics or the decision-making process of politicians, know that: Politics only enters when […]